////Parkell SmarTemp – Temporary C&B Material

Parkell SmarTemp – Temporary C&B Material




1 x 50ml , 10 x tips

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SmarTemp® Dual Cure creates durable, aesthetic, non-brittle provisional restorations. The viscosity is easy to work with and there is even a flexible stage in the setting process that allows the provisional to be easily removed from undercuts and multiple preps. Further, SmarTemp Dual Cure has a high flexural strength of 110 Mpa and an impressive Barcol hardness.
Extra Features
• Strong, Durable bis-acryl composite material in self-cure or light-cure
• Gels in 2:15 minutes, and sets in under 6 min
• Resists staining
• Esthetic shades A1, A2 & A3.5
• High radiopacity (200% of Aluminium) – temporaries are easily seen on x-rays
• Auto mix cartridge dispensing allows for a bubble/void free mix
• High flexural strength reducing chances of fracture or breakage
• Low volumetric shrinkage and minimal exothermic heat generation

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