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Caredent Picnix Interproximal Brushes Retail

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Interdental Brush

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CareDent Picnix Interdental brushes have been designed for Optimum cleaning. Easy to insert in-between teeth. This very modern looking design not only comes with great looks but comes with a 360 degree able-turn to help reach those awkward places in the mouth. A quality bi-material handle means it’s easy to grip and non-slip. CareDent Picnix uses the finest tapered bristles and a plastic coated wire for additional comfort. A cap is supplied with every brush to extend the length of the handle and ensure every brush is supplied to our customers in the most hygienic pristine condition. Resealable bag for added convenience.

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Unite of measure

Box 6 x 20 packs

Colour & Size

Size 0 Grey – 0.4mm, Size 1 Pink – 0.45mm, Size 2 Orange – 0.50mm, Size 3 Red – 0.60mm, Size 4 Blue – 0.70mm, Size 5 Yellow – 0.80mm, Size 6 Green – 0.90mm, Size 7 Purple – 1.1mm


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