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Cavex SiliconA VPS Impression Material – Heavy Body Green 2x50ml

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Silicone Impression Material

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The latest generation A silicone impression material.


  • Addition silicone with long term dimensional stability
  • Precise reproduction of finest details
  • Suitable for single-step sandwich and two-step double impressions technique
  • No inhibition of polymerisation due to optimal platinum catalyst system
  • Surface active additive showing superior hydrofilic properties resulting in voids free impressions
  • Regular set allows maximum working adaptability
  • Shelf life of 3 years
  • Ideal matched thixotropic consistencies
  • Soft putty yellow
  • Heavy body monophase green
  • Injection type blue

Cavex SiliconA is based on addition curing elastomeric polysiloxane suitable for inlays, crown and bridges, partial and edentulous impressions utilising the common impression techniques.

Cavex SiliconA impression material is composed of a kneadable yellow Soft Putty with a very high consistency, a medium consistency green paste Monophase , and a medium consistency blue paste Injection Type.

The Cavex SiliconA is a variable consistency system that can be combined individually for the desirable impression techniques either Singlestep Sandwich or Twostep technique

Cavex SiliconA shows excellent hydrophilic properties, thus improving wettability and leading to better reproduction of subgingival areas. Pouring of the impressions can take place 60 minutes after the impression is removed from the mouth and all commercially available modeling stones can be used. The impressions are dimensionally stable for at least 7 days.

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2 x 50ml Cartridges + 12 Mixing Tips


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