ADM Odontohex 1L

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Endo Stand

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Odontostand is an autoclavable endodontic organiser which can be used with both Endofoam C and Endofoam PVP. It has an internal well which can be filled with a cleaning solution of your choice such as chlorhexidine. Odontostand has a unique locking cap which doubles as a finger rest and guard when motioning files in and out of the foam. This makes it safer for the dentist and staff to use. Odontostand forms an important part of the Parashos Validated Protocol which allows for the cleaning and reuse of endodontic files. The Parashos Validated Protocol is the only validated method in the world for the cleaning and reuse of rotary endodontic files and was developed by Dr. Peter Parashos from the University of Melbourne. Odontostands are available in translucent gold or gloss black. Both come with a 3 year guarantee against damage from autoclaving.

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