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ADM Endofoam PVP

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Endodontic Cleaning Foam

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ADM’s Endofoam PVP is the very latest in file cleaning foam technology and involves a patented foam construction which cleans files like no other foam on the market. It is triple-layered consisting of a thin low density foam layer, an extended 4mm thick scourer layer and a 25mm thick high density foam. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Endofoam forms part of the Parashos Validated Protocol which is the only validated protocol for cleaning and reusing rotary NiTi files. It is based on the work of Dr. Peter Parashos from the University of Melbourne. Endofoam PVP is single use when used on patients within a clinical setting. The foams can be autoclaved upto 137 degrees Celsius if required prior to use. Endofoam PVP is multiple use when used within a sterilising environment for the cleaning of multiple nickel titanium endodontic files as part of the Parashos Validated Protocol. Endofoam PVP can be used on standard hand files and has a superior cleaning action when compared to standard foam products.

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