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A new approach

EthOss contains no human or animal components and works with the patient’s own body to maximise bone regeneration. In clinical trials, EthOss has shown outstanding results, with human biopsies typically showing 50% novo-bone at 12 weeks.

The ethical choice with outstanding outcomes

As patients become more educated and discerning about their treatment choices, offering a solution with no human or animal components is increasingly important. EthOss allows you to confidently provide an ethical and highly effective solution for GBR, periodontitis, buccal defects, sinus grafts and extraction socket filling.

EthOss® helps new bone to grow quickly, with minimal discomfort and pain. Over the course of treatment it will be completely replaced by the patient’s own bone and it won’t leave any remnants in their body.

Posterior Socket Graft

Anterior Ridge

Easy to use

EthOss® is mixed into a paste with saline and applied using a simple syringe delivery system. Its unique formulation means that no additional collagen membrane is needed, which simplifies and expedites treatment. EthOss® is available in 2 single-use syringe sizes (0.5cc and 1cc).

Eliminate additional collagen membranes

EthOss® is a combination of ß Tri Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Sulphate, creating an environment rich in phosphate and calcium ions, ideal for bone regrowth. The Calcium Sulphate acts as a built-in barrier against soft tissue ingress, removing the need for an additional collagen membrane.

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